result of 346th CSVP 2016/06/13
 346th HPC Morphological diagnosis


Case 1. CSVP 2016-2887   mouse

1.     Thrombosis, left atrial, necrotizing, chronic-active, organizing, severe

2.     Extramedullary hematopoiesis, mild, liver and spleen

3.     Vacuolation, acinar, pancreatic exocrine, focal, mild



Case 2. CSVP 2016-2888   Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus)

1.     Branchial hyperplasia, parasitic granulomatous, proliferative, diffuse, severe, chronic, with intralesional I. multifiliis, gill.

2.     Ulcerative dermatitis, multifocal, moderate, chronic-active.

Etiological Dx. Ichthyophthirius multifiliis infection, also called "white spot disease"


Case 3. CSVP 2016-2889  Guinea pig

1.     Pleomorphic liposarcoma, right gingiva and metastasis to lung.

2.     Inhalation pneumonia, multifocal, moderate, subacute, lung.

3.     Erosion and hemorrhage, multifocal, modrate, chronic, stomach

4.     Hemosiderin deposition, diffuse, moderate, chronic, cecum.



 Case 4. CSVP 2016-2890  cow

1.     Intracellular protozoan, infestation, multifocal, moderate, heart.

Etiological Dx. Sarcocystis spp. infection


Case 5. CSVP 2016-2891  cat

1       Cutaneous mastocytic mast cell tumor, poorly differentiated, skin.

2       No significant findings, right submandibular lymph node.


Case 6. CSVP 2016-2891  cat

1.     Cutaneous perivascular wall tumor, ankle of hindlimb.