result of 344th CSVP 2016/05/12
 1.     CSVP 2016-2875 (NTU2014-3021, NTU, W.T. Li, H.W. Chang, V.F. Pang, C.H. Liu, F.I. Wang, T.Y. Chen, J.C. Guo, C.R. Jeng)

Paramesotriton hongkongensis. 16-year-old, female. A high mortality event of Hong Kong newt (Paramesotriton hongkongensis) occurred during Nov 2014 to Jun 2015 in Taipei zoo.

Morphologic diagnosis

A. Necrotizing hepatitis, multiple focal, subacute, mild, in liver, gastric mucosa and spleen     Etiological Dx. : Mycobacterium infection
B. Necrotizing dermatitis, diffuse, subacute to chronic , moderate, with lots of fungal hyphae covered and penetrate.   Etiological Dx.:
Saprolegniosis or Oomycete infection 


2.     CSVP 2016-2876 (CO15-468, GIVP-NCHU, Y.L. Tsai, H.H. Cheng, J.W. Liao)

Ferret, two-year-old, spayed female. The patient with incomplete heartworm prevention program had sudden bilateral posterior paresis on March 25th, 2015. It sudden presented general edema and no urination on June 8th. Diuretic was given; however, it showed dyspnea on June 13th. Equal sign was described via echocardiography.

Morphologic diagnosis

1.Parasitic embolism, focal, right heart

2.Fibrosis and endarteritis, chronic progressive, moderate, focally extensive, endarteritis of pulmonary artery and right heart ventricle

3.Fibrosis, chronic, moderate, focal, with fragmentation and vacuolation of cardiac muscle, right heart atrium

4.General edema, subcutaneous

5.Fibrotic nodule, chronic, focal, subarachnoid space 


3.     CSVP 2016-2877 (CU15035, ADDC NCYU, Y.Y Wang, H.C Kuo, C.L. Chen, D.Y. Lo)

Pig, 3-week-old, showed clinical signs of coughing, abdominal breathing and paddling. The morbidity was 0.2% (2/100) and the mortality was 0.1% (1/100).

Morphologic diagnosis

A.        Meningoencephalomyelitis, fibrinopurulent, necrotizing, locally extensive, acute, severe

B.        Proliferative, necrotizing and interstitial pneumonia, lymphohistiocytic, multifocal, chronic, severe.

C.        Bronchopneumonia, catarrhal and purulent, multifocal, acute, severe

D.        Polyserositis, fibrinopurulent, locally extensive, acute, severe


4.     CSVP 2016-2878 (WA104-259, NPUST, L.F. Wang, Y.C. Li, C.C. Chang, C.N. Lin, M.T. Chiou)

Yellow-margined box turtle (Cuora flavomarginata), adult, female. The yellow-margined box turtle is housed in Pingtung Rescue Center since July 2015. She presented with weakness, dehydration and died following few days of supportive treatment. Postmortem examination revealed liver enlarge and became increasingly yellowish in color, also can see many white yellow fibrin covered on serosa.

Morphologic diagnosis

A.        Hepatitis, necrotizing, subacute, massive, moderate, with necrotic hepatocytes debris and heterophils in parenchyma, lots of large organisms ( Entamoeba invaden) in the macrophages and hepatocytes, liver, turtle.

B.        Serositis, fibrinous, acute to subacute, diffuse, moderate to severe, with heterophils infiltration in serosa, heart and liver.

Etiological Dx.: Entamoeba invadens infection in yellow-margined box turtle

6.     CSVP 2016-2880 (2015-2364-10, AHRI & NTU, Y.C. Tu, Y.P. chen, J.C. Chang, W.C. Hsu, S.C. Hu, M.C. Cheng, C.R. Jeng)

White Roman Geese, 28-day-old. The cumulative mortality rate was 15.3%

(550/3,600). The infected goslings generally developed normally with no

premonitory signs and sudden deaths were noted. At necropsy, the kidney

was pale, swelling with urate depositions. Hepatomegaly, splenomegaly,

and hydropericardium were also observed.Kidney: tubulointerstitial nephritis, necrotizing, acute to subacute, zonal, severe, with mild vasculitis, hemorrhage, mineralization and gouty tophi, multiple, goose.

Morphologic diagnosis

A.        Liver: necrosis, coagulative, acute, mild, multiple, with acute hemorrhage, and vasculitis, mild, goose.

B.        Small intestine: panvasculitis, necrotizing, severe, intramascularis, with mild hemorrhage, goose.

C.        Adrenal gland: necrosis, coagulative, acute, multiple, with mild hemorrhage, goose.

Etiology consistent with goose hemorrhagic polyomavirus infection