The predecessor of the Chinese Society for Veterinary Pathology is the Chinese Society of Veterinary Histopathology Conference. It has been forty years since it was established in December of 1976 and 3,018 cases have been discussed since then. The cases discussed are mainly about new and important animal diseases. These invaluable and classic cases were discussed in detail during the conferences and became useful teaching material. In recent years, the nature of cases has become more diverse, with more kinds of companion animals, lab animals and wild animals, and all are very memorable cases. The conferences are held periodically to stay on top of epidemics and train the front line government veterinarians’ diagnostic abilities.

So far, the society has contributed to:

1. Talent cultivation/training

routine trainings have been held 367 times, trained more than 10,037 civil veterinarians and pathology specialists, many of which are top professionals in the veterinary field.

2. Education and training

he society has been commissioned by the government to hold training sessions more than 15 times. These trainings include: beginner, intermediate and advanced veterinary histopathology slide reading, parasite disease diagnosis, poultry histopathology, swine disease histopathology slide reading, veterinary pathology diagnosis seminar, poultry pathology diagnosis, important swine infectious disease diagnosis, important animal disease diagnosis, 2006 important animal disease diagnosis seminar, 2007 veterinary pathology diagnosis skills seminar, 2008 important animal infectious disease diagnosis seminar and 2010 important animal disease diagnosis seminar.

3. Hosting conferences

the society has hosted Foot and Mouth Disease Conference, Epidemic Prevention and Quarantine Officers Hands-On Training, Skills Training for Zoonotic Disease Diagnosis and Diagnosis and Control of Sheep and Goat Diseases in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. The handouts were collected and put into a booklet for front line officers as a reference in order to improve epidemic prevention and quarantine officers’ professionalism and increase administrative efficiency.

4. Continuing and Further Education

① Compilation of 19 Histopathology Conference Special Atlas. These special atlases accurately reflect important livestock and poultry diseases of that year. They are now essential references for first line civil veterinarians and teaching references for vet school educators.
② Compilation of Taiwanese Swine Fever Pathology Atlas, Taiwanese Swine Foot and Mouth Disease Atlas, Taiwanese Goat Diseases Atlas, Veterinary Histopathology Atlas, Veterinary Tumor Histopathology Atlas and Veterinary Systemic Pathology Atlas. They are now important references for vets and scholars in diagnosing diseases.

5. Veterinary Pathology Specialist Screening System

The society started planning the veterinary pathology specialist screening program in 2003 and held the first screening exam in 2005. Exams were held in 2007 and 2009 but suspended for a while after evaluation. However, the screening exams were brought back in 2016 and are planned to be held once every two years. The last screening exam was held on November 3rd, 2018. The society will continue to push forward the veterinary pathology specialist system in hopes of promoting a certification program and elevate the professionalism of veterinary pathologists.

Aim of Establishment

To promote the education, study, development, promotion and international exchange of veterinary pathology.

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